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I SHOOT FILM... {occasionally}

Love shooting film!! I just got a couple rolls back and nothing but gold. Most were shot on Fujicolor Superia x-tra 400 and another set of regular Fujicolor 200. What I love most about shooting film is the color and the dynamic range that you just don't get with digital. At least, without having to pull some photographic tricks from your sleeve. What is also enjoyable is that every roll is like opening presents at Christmas. For one, I don't ever remember what I had shot on the rolls so it's exciting to open it up and see what I had done months prior. If you ever get a chance to shoot film, I highly recommend it. It's like a refresher for your photographic brain. Everything has to be perfect in those 24 frames :)

Most of the photos below were shot on a chartering trip in Westport, Washington. Another highly recommended part of the state that everyone should visit at least once or twice. And if you fish or love camping near the beach, just go every year!

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