Washington Wedding and Engagement Packages!

Snohomish - Seattle - Bothell - Everett - Tacoma - Woodinville

What is included in the wedding packages?

» Optional standard and adventure engagement sessions. 

» Professional all-day wedding photography.

» Download and print rights to all high resolution JPEG images. 

» A personalized online gallery for viewing, downloading and sharing. 

» WA state sales tax rates apply. 

» Travel and lodging fees may apply. 

» Contact for current elopement and wedding rates.

Email: info@harthphotography.com


Focused on capturing a photojournalistic style for Snohomish and Seattle weddings and beyond.

Wedding Experiences

Questions & Answers

Do you offer a consultation before we book?

Yes! Please let me know when, and where your wedding is taking place. If the date is open, I would love to meet with you to see if I would be a good fit to shoot your special day! If you decide to move forward with me, you can sign my contract and officially book your day.

Meeting with you is one of the most important parts of the wedding for me. Knowing what is important to you and how I can best achieve that is my priority.

Email me: info@harthphotography.com or use my Contact Form.

I'm on top of my email all day and every day, you will receive a prompt response confirming the availability of your wedding date.

How much do you charge?

See above or email me for an exact quote.

My prices vary depending on the amount of time, travel and post-processing will be put together. The best way is for me to know more about your wedding and to send you a quote based on the details of your wedding day.

What do we get for the price?

You get the high-resolution JPEG images from your wedding on a personalized online gallery. Images are available for download, print and sharing.

How many images do we receive from our wedding?

It depends on the length of the day, the number of locations involved and the number of guests, but you can expect between 600 and 800.

What is your photography style?

Over the years I have developed a photojournalistic style . My approach is to capture the story of your day without overly interfering with the many special moments that happen when two people are getting married, and two families are coming together! Of course I like to experiment too, and I try and let my creative eye lead the way. (It hasn't let me down yet!)

When will we get our photos?

Due to the care that each image from every wedding receives, processing of your images will take no longer than 12 weeks.

What file type do you photograph in? RAW or JPEG?

All images are shot in the RAW format, developed and optimized, and presented in high-resolution JPEG format. RAW images cannot be purchased and will not be available.

Do you have a second shooter or assistant?

Yes, I require to have one for full-day weddings. With a second shooter, I am able to capture moments from many angles and provide more seamless transitions between the different parts of your wedding.

Film or digital?

All of my weddings are shot with up-to-date DSLR's. Prior to every wedding my cameras are inspected and routine maintenance is performed to ensure they are ready for a hard days work. I still shoot film and enjoy doing so on my vacations.

Do you have experience with families that have special needs?

Everyone in front of my camera is given the same personal treatment. I am more than willing to work with you and assist in any way I can to ensure everyone has the opportunity to have an enjoyable photographic experience.

Do you bring back-up equipment?

ALWAYS! I've never had an issue.

You are based in Bothell… Would you travel to our wedding?

Yes, I love to travel! I've photographed weddings all over the pacific northwest and beyond. Always looking to expand my boundaries!
*Depending on the distance, travel fees may apply.

How long have you been a photographer? Did you go to school?

Photography has been a long time hobby of mine. I took a class in college but my real learning was from my own trial & error and guidance from other photographers in the field. In 2011 I officially opened my business to the public and began taking contracts as a professional photographer.

How do you take payments?

I accept cash, check and PayPal.

Do you offer albums?

Not at this time.

Where can I see more of your images?

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