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Chris Harth Wedding Photographer

Little Tid-Bits

  • Married to the cutest freckle faced gal since March 2012

  • We met square dancing... weird huh?!

  • We are fresh parents to a perfect baby boy!... We welcomed Merrick to the world in September 2017.

  • We have a cat named Paisley that does more tricks than most dogs :p

  • I work outside of photography as CAD/CAM engineer.

  • I have lived with Type-I diabetes since the age of four.

  • I can juggle and unicycle, just not at the same time. I'm not THAT skilled...

  • Photography is my passion and self-learned. That said, I nearly failed my photography course in college. But kept shooting 100,000+ photos after that...



β€œThat would make a nice picture…” is something I would often say.Β Being artistically curious and having an engineering background, I wanted to know exactly how beautiful images are created. After years of learning and experimenting, I am now able to utilize my knowledge and techniques to capture images I once thought were achieved solely by luck.

My name is Chris Harth and I live in the often overcast, but rather beautiful Washington State. Wedding and portrait photography is my main focus where I use a clean and simple approach with my subjects. I strive to capture the natural moments as well as the stories behind every individual to create not just a photo, but a piece of lasting memorabilia.


Chris Harth Photography


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