Three-Legged Love (Pitbull)

We have a new family member! He's a two and half year old pitbull. My sister Shauna came across him at a clinic in Eastern Washington where he was being treated for a bad wound due to a collision a car. Sadly he had lost his front left leg due to the damage inflicted. Prior weeks before that he had fractured his other leg in another incident. This week he gets his stitches out, about 28 of them! He's tired but doing very well and is making great adjustments to getting around. Pitbull's have been given a bad rep over the years... though having two previously, we can only say that they are absolutely the best and this one does not stray from that either!

My new lunch buddy to keep me entertained and do the cute doggie things for the camera:


This strong and lovable pit is settling in and we're still working on a name. We have a few in mind but we could use some more suggestions!

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