Puget Sound Engagement Adventure // Kayla & Jason

Squaxin Island Indian Reservation - Olympia, Washington

When meeting new couples I often get asked what some of my favorite shoots are. All of them of course! Every session is new and unique, that's what I'm striving for when planning out an photo session. This particular engagement with Kayla and Jason was just that! I met these two through mutual friends. When we started throwing around engagement ideas she mentioned that she's Native American and her tribe owns some land out of Olympia. An island not too far off, but a location only accessible by boat. I was hooked already! (lol, see what I did there...) So, now that we picked a location, date and had a boat it was all set! It was a Thursday evening, and if you know anything about a Thursday traffic around Seattle... it's the absolute worst. Three major accidents and I was close to 5 hours in traffic. Should have only been about two from Bothell. Luckily I left early but sunset was on the horizon. As soon as I met them at the docks it was a race to find a good location on the island and shoot away. As you follow the images below you will see all the beauty that the Pacific Northwest offers, specifically in the Puget Sound region. Let me give credit to Kayla and Jason who are a very stunning couple! They simply share a love and connection that shows a long time friendship and more. I couldn't be happier for these two and the wedding day that will be full of joy and even more beautiful photos. Cheers!