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Stepping Stones Garden Wedding // Melissa & David

I love it when things go so right! That starts with Melissa and David's wedding at the Stepping Stones Garden in Mount Vernon. Early morning signs of heavy cloud cover taunted us with rain. Slowly those clouds lifted so by early afternoon we had a blanket of beautiful light for their ceremony and family photos.  It was perfect! During the reception we snuck away to take advantage of a vibrant sunset with bride and groom pictures in the garden. What a wonderful day for a wedding... congrats Melissa and David!

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Courtney & Peter's Wedding // Historic 1625 Tacoma Place

This was absolutely one of my favorite weddings of the year! Especially because it was a couple that I have had the privilege of getting to know over the past few years! Their relationship is like no other, they put love into words and words into love. The fun we had on their wedding day will never be forgotten :) We wish you very long years of marriage and happiness! Congrats again to Courtney and Peter!

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We Love Washington // North Cascades Highway

Here are a couple of images from a camping trip my wife and I did this summer. The location is Diablo Lake on the Northern Cascades Highway of Washington state. As I had mentioned to others about this area, it's one of the most scenic areas in the Pacific Northwest. Nothing but clean air and good views for a relaxing weekend. We did the Rainy Pass Hike overlooking Lake Ann and even canoed on Ross Lake. That was in the midst of a small lightning storm too! If you like to camp and adventure into the wilderness, this area has tons to offer. Take a visit!

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Sunny Riverside Engagement // Elizabeth & Christopher | Snohomish, WA

Meeting with Elizabeth and Christopher over the past few months has been wonderful. We finally got a sun break early into the season and decided that downtown Snohomish was the place to do their engagement photos! We started down river in the tall grass and made our way into the brick town where the sun was setting. If you have ever met these two, they are nothing but giggles and laughter. It was actually rather difficult to get them to "be serious", but hey, you can't complain to work with a happy couple like these two. Their October Bellevue wedding venue is going to be absolutely gorgeous! I am really counting down the days until we can see them as bride and groom... husband and wife! Again, congrats to you two... we're looking forward to your big day!!

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Camping it out on Icicle Creek Canyon (NF-7601) // Leavenworth, WA

With all the news about the wild fires growing between Leavenworth and Steven Pass, it blows me away that we were just there camping! No more than 4 days prior. We were probably about 10-15 miles south of the fires too. However, at the time we were there, it was extremely hot and we didn't do much but enjoy the landscape and take a dip in the water. Our campsite was just an unmarked area, pulled right off the side of the road. Enough to fit the cars, tent and couple chairs to relax in. We did take a hike up the mountain in search of some boulders to climb, but as we topped the hillside we found what appeared to be the remains of prior fires. We walked around of what looked to be the 1994 fire that engulfed Icicle Creek Canyon all over. Anyways, enjoy the photos and do hope that current flames can be put to rest before any more damage is taken. It sure is a beautiful landscape of the Northern Cascades.

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Friends of the Ranch // Circle 8 Ranch | Cle Elum, WA

Every year in preparation of another season of camping, the Ranch as we call it, gathers help to clean up the campsites and buildings for future visitors. This weekend is called "Friends of the Ranch" and as like many years before, there was a great turnout of helpers. As I busy on my own tasks, I unfortunately didn't get around to everyone in the campground, but I could certainly see all the hard work by everyone. Earlier this year there was a wind storm that is know as a microburst wind storm. Basically the wind comes straight down at damaging forces and wipes out anything in its path. As you will see in the pictures below, that windstorm took down dozens of trees throughout the campground that had to be cut up and hauled away. Of course we like to have some fun after a long day of work. Take a look and enjoy!

Join us next year and mean while you can plan your trip by visiting the Circle 8 Ranch website and liking them on Facebook!

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Wedding Sneak Peek! // Lynnae & Michael // Lake Tapps, WA

Lynnae & Michaels wedding was so lovely! The expected rainfall had taunted us the entire day, but rather than rain we were cast with perfect soft lighting everywhere. We made it over to this group of trees near the venue and captured this gorgeous shot. I can't wait to share more with you all soon! Big congrats to Lynnae & Michael!!

For wedding and engagements, contact myself at and be sure to like on Facebook!

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Anna & Brian's Country Wedding // The Winthrop Barn, WA

Meeting with Anna and Brian is like getting together with two best friends. Completing each other sentences and checking to see what the latest score is on the sports channel, these by far being traits of their every day relationship. It was on their September wedding day that I saw these two not just madly in love, but also as friends making a pact for life.  Surrounded by their family and friends, it was special to see how Anna and Brian, in their own charismatic style, made that happen and the hard work they put into it! Their wedding day was an absolute blast from the time we arrived and well into the late evening! Congrats again to Anna and Brian, we're so excited for the happiness you've found!

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